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Modern IT Support Training: Part 1 | A+ (220-1102)
220-1102 - CompTIA A+

This course is aimed at IT professionals or those seeking to enter into the industry. This Practice Lab and course focus on the practical aspects of the CompTIA A + (220-1102) exam objectives. By completing this course, you will improve your practical skills in supporting, installing, configuring, and maintaining Operating Systems, maintaining Microsoft Windows and troubleshooting Microsoft Windows and networks, managing users, workstations and shared resources, security, and implementing operational procedures.

Modern IT Support Training: Part 2 | A+ (220-1101)

IT Support: Hardware Essentials video course only is designed to introduce students to a basic understanding of the different types of computing devices (desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.), computer components (CPU, memory, power supplies, etc.) as well as peripheral devices, storage devices, displays and connection interfaces. This course also includes an introduction to basic hardware troubleshooting skills.

IT Support: Active Directory, Office 365 & Tech Skills
PLAB-SERVER-2019-SANDBOX - Practice Labs Server 2019 Sandbox

This course is a study of Help administration and real-world skills, including how to manage system resources (users, group users, and system storage). By the completion of this course, you will be able to configure, secure, manage users, and apply user- and host-based security. You will participate in Project labs and evaluate system administration concepts as they apply to real-world scenarios.

IT Support: People Skills for IT Professionals

In this video course only, we will learn how People Skills for IT Pros will help us in general communications & other social skills, to be more successful at work, at home, and social environments.

IT Support Resume, Applying for Jobs and Communities

After completing our recommended courses for Entry-level IT Supports jobs, you can take this course to work on your resume and find IT communities. In this course, you will learn how to search for IT entry-level jobs, How to use jobskillshare.org certificates, work on sample resume and find the best IT communities.

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